PkTriggerCord tips and tricks

If the program does not work correctly (or does not work at all) please check the following tips before creating a new issue:

  • The camera has to be set to MSC (Mass Storage Class) mode instead of PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol).
  • Most Linux systems require root privileges, start the program using sudo.
  • Quite a few times camera firmware update eliminates bugs. For instance you need firmware 1.20 or later for K10D.
  • Liveview mode is not supported, do not use liveview mode on your camera.
  • Do not turn off the camera without proper umount if you use exFat SD card otherwise the camera will temporarily not recognize the SD card. You can find more details about it here.
  • Some of the camera models (e.g. K-500) requires you to first turn on the camera and only connect it to the computer after that.
  • The command line version is more stable, please also test it if the GUI is not working.
  • Please check BUGS file for already known bugs.
If you create a github issue please also include debug information.