PkTriggerCord debug

It is always best to start the debugging using the command line interface and only test the GUI later. The --debug switch help to collect lots of debug info. It is possible that the command does not end and it has to be stopped using CTRL-C. On most Linux systems root privileges are also required.

The following commands are useful for debugging the software:

Reading status info
pktriggercord-cli --statux_hex --debug
Taking a single picture
pktriggercord-cli -o test.dng --file_format=dng --debug
GUI in debug mode
pktriggercord --debug

It is possible to redirect the output of the command by adding > debug.log 2>&1 to the commands. For instance the following command will send all the output messages to the debug.log file:

pktriggercord-cli --statux_hex --debug > debug.log 2>&1
If you want to test a camera model not yet listed here then please first contact me and I'll add it to the list.